My first film reel

 This is my first ever film reel highlighting my work behind the camera.

I find it humbling to be able to look back on 2 years of my life and have it condensed so finely. I can’t wait to see what I get to add to my reel in the future!


The Astaires at The Dive Bar – 11/8/15

Filmed my friends at The Dive Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada back in November 2015 on my old iPhone 5.

This was a very interesting learning experience for working with phone footage and trying my damn best to making it look good. I have come to the realization that working with iPhone footage is pretty awful. There’s just so much grain when you don’t have something like After Effects to de-noise the footage. And initially I was going to use a warp stabilizer, but it gave this really sea-sick wavy feel to it that I didn’t like. Plus the render/export times were insane and ain’t nobody got time for that. Also sucks because the audio isn’t that clear. But again, that’s what happens when you use an iPhone and not something like a DSLR with a mounted shotgun mic. Despite my yearning for better audio, I was really surprised that it still sounded decent!